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My favorite sites MyGully has not created favorite links yet. My Bio I found Pets With Diabetes web site when I was needing help with my beautiful Tessa, a Scottish Terrier who just was diagnosed with diabetes after the vet missed it saying her high blood sugar was a "Scottish Terrier thing "-when stressed they will have high blood sugar. Several months later she was very much in trouble and blind from cataracts. Tessa was a very graceful delicate Scottie, not really the usual terrier type. She was never any trouble, just a sweetheart. She died only a few months after learning how to give her insulin. It was the most horrible night I have ever had, she seemed to have stomach cramps with me thinking if she just passed whatever her tummy was trying to pass she would be okay and then she died at 3am in front of me.The vet did not seem to want to be bothered and told me her heart probably couldn't take the stress the gastro bug had given her. I hate myself for not standing up to the vet and insisting that he see her. Her son, Tut, passed away March 27th of lymphatic cancer- still a nightmare. My German Sheppard, Gulliver is getting better due to a lot of going back and forth to different vets and the web to work out exactly what to do with his problem. Gully has an over active immune system, you may have seen my posts. I am an animal behaviourologist, I have studied at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Macquarie University Sydney NSW Australia and Sydney University Sydney NSW. I am medically retired from teaching after an accident that made me have three spinal fusions. - that's the short story. I love my animals that is for sure. I have had so much support from this forum, everyone here deserves a medal. They are so helpful and supportive. I do not think they even know how much. If I can help, let me know, Kathy, BTW I lied about my age... ps ( information added later)Tut passed away March 27, 2009 age 11years 6months for lymphomic cancer, now I just have Gulliver.you can privately mail me at email docdog12 at the hotpplace

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